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Our Mission

The Biscuit Brothers Television Project has a mission to serve children and families and strengthen communities through free educational television.

Using music education as a gateway, we offer children an opportunity to build and explore interpersonal and community values, and to think critically about the world around them.

Our Goal

for each season is to reach more families across the country with our television program and accessible concerts, along with supporting music curriculum in classrooms.

Our Vision

for the future is to be ambassadors for Austin’s unique style and spirit, with a focus on family participation in music. We use music as an entry point to give children everywhere a head-start on all aspects of learning and exploration.

We Need Your Help!

to reach our goals. With the support of our community, we will be an export Austin can be proud of. Our presenting TV station, KLRU in Austin, provides us with many invaluable resources like broadcast air time and community connection; however KLRU and PBS are unable to support any of our production costs financially. The Biscuit Brothers project is entirely funded by community support.

Find out more about how you can help the Biscuit Brothers Project by Emailing Us Here.

To make a tax deductible contribution to the Biscuit Brothers Project click here to go to the Austin Community Foundation’s secure site.

History, Awards, and Press

The Biscuit Brothers television program was created by Damon Brown, Allen Robertson, and Jerome Schoolar. It’s an EMMY® Award winning television program produced in Austin, Texas (the “Live Music Capital of the World”) and broadcast on PBS stations around the nation. It’s also a successful Live Show, touring and performing at events like the Austin City Limits Music Festival and Texas State Fair. Finally, the Biscuit Brothers is a mission driven project, dedicated to providing educational materials and programming designed to introduce arts related content in a way that touches children’s hearts, engages their parents, and empowers families to learn together.

Download our Press/Media kit (PDF)

• Location photography takes place at Scottish Rite Theatre and Pioneer Farms in Austin and the show is wholly produced in Austin, Texas.
• The television program airs on KLRU-TV PBS Austin, and in a number of other PBS markets across the United States. The TV Show is made available to almost every PBS market in the US and always free of charge to the stations!
• We’ve received 2 LONE STAR EMMY® Awards for excellence in Children’s programming.
• We’ve received a National Parenting Publication Award (NAPPA Gold)

The Biscuit Brothers regular cast members are:
Allen Robertson: Buford Biscuit
Jerome Schoolar: Dusty Biscuit
Damon Brown: Tiny Scarecrow
Jill Leberknight: Buttermilk Biscuit
Click here to read biographies of the cast and crew.

Scott and White Health Care underwrote a portion of production of the television show from its premiere season through the sixth. Our sponsors have also included many other Austin companies as well as generous families and individuals who are committed to our mission. Those of us who produce the show do so at significantly reduced rates to keep our operating expenses as low as possible. In kind support for production has also come from Pioneer Farms, Scottish Rite Children’s Theatre, and Gibson / Baldwin Music Education. KLRU (PBS) provides airtime and promotional support but dollars raised through PBS pledge campaigns do not directly support the Biscuit Brothers production expenses.

The Biscuit Brothers Television Fund is a non-profit fund of the Austin Community Foundation (KLRU special projects.)

We endeavor to use music to offer children an opportunity to explore values, and to think critically about the world around them. To learn more about our fundraising efforts, email our team.

The Biscuit Brothers also perform live, often in locations around Austin but also across Texas and the nation. To see the Biscuit Brothers’ schedule of appearances, click here

For more information or to schedule an interview, email us.