Cast and Crew Bios

Jerome Schoolar

schoolar_webSchoolar has spent his entire career working with children, most notably as a City of Austin Fine Arts Coordinator for Children, where he helped conceive and implement a nationally recognized Youth at Risk Fine Arts Program called Totally Cool, Totally Art. He has also been a lead writer and performer for Texas’ longest-running comedy show, Esther’s Follies. Schoolar is “Dusty” on EIEIO and is a co-creator of the Biscuit Brothers, as well as a co-producer, writer, musician, set designer and prop designer for the show.

Allen Robertson

robertson_webAllen is an award-winning composer, playwright, actor, director, sound designer and musician and has worked on hundreds of productions from Chicago to Japan – and just about everywhere in between. He is also a composer, with credits including the documentary Beyond Black Rock and the smash off-Broadway hit The Flaming Idiots. Robertson is better known on the farm as “Buford” and is a co-creator of the Biscuit Brothers, as well as a co-producer, writer and composer for the show.

Jill Leberknight

leberknight_webA professional actor for more than 20 years, and an equally enthusiastic theater teacher, Jill has taught and performed with some of the top organizations on the east coast, and more recently, in Central Texas. In addition to playing Buttermilk on camera, she plays many roles behind the scenes on the show, including assistant to the director and administrative coordinator. Leberknight is a two-time Austin Critic Table Awards nominee and an active participant in the Austin Theater community and is known on Old MacDonald’s farm as Buttermilk. She’s also a full-time Real Estate Agent and donates her time to perform on the show.

Damon Brown

brown_webDamon is a filmmaker and creative handyman. Before the Biscuits he directed and edited the award-winning documentary film, Beyond Black Rock. He’s worked in front of and behind the camera as a news reporter, field producer, weather anchor, Creative Services Director and Executive Producer of the annual Children’s Miracle Network affiliate broadcast, where his team garnered national attention for its originality and creativity. Brown is Tiny Scarecrow’s “Executive Assistant” and is a co-creator of the Biscuit Brothers, as well as the director, a co-producer, writer and musician, editor and the source of many of the character voices for the show.