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Can i buy a salbutamol inhaler over the counter ? my dad has a salbutamol inhaler but he can't have it so i don't know if he could make a prescription for one like he said could but i wouldn't be able to see him all day if i go to the doctor and make his prescription before we can afford it what is the best way to go doctor and get meds like this as the only option and treatment they offer? i have asthma and gotten 2 shots today, but my mom told me i have to get more tomorrow. i don't think can afford it right now "I was on an extended supply of inhaled bronchodilator medicine because my asthma. doctor told me to call someone check my blood pressure because she was concerned about something wrong with my blood pressure. At the same time, her doctor and nurse recommended I call her back if noticed something not right with my blood pressure. I called her back, and as I'm going across the room I notice a white substance in the corner of her mouth and neck. I assume it's medicine, but when she sees me, is very confused, and I've since found out she had never asked me about it. As we're talking she is giving me a hard time asking more questions, but tells me she knows I'm confused and I know she wants to make sure that I don't have a serious condition. As she leaves for the day, asks me if I need something, and just keep telling her no - my heart hurts and I'm scared. Since that day, I've been using the inhaler less and less. I now think of it as an expensive novelty in case I have a heart attack. don't know if she was just getting me a new inhaler so I don't die from an asthma attack, but that seems unlikely. I don't think I'll ever check her out of my mind for the inhaler. thanks. best of luck. I am 15 yrs old. My doctor said asthma makes me cough up a lot of stuff and that the inhaler really did help that, with all the inhaled stuff I was coughing up. However the dose my doctor recommended seems to be way pharmacy courses online in uk too high.... I have a friend can talk to about my problem. I just want somebody know to help me get a normal dose of medicine in my system. Any advice? Thanks :)" What are some prescription medications that you have? I have been taking inhalers for 9 years and they worked great for me until I got my asthma attacks. have tried several different medications for asthma but they cause severe reactions. I have been using the inhalers for 6 years and I love it, however they just aren't a realistic long term fix for this disease. Also when I have episodes just need my inhaler, not two different kinds of medication at the same time as well an extra dose every 20 min or so. Also, my doctor is giving prescriptions to people for long term treatment but I would like to have a reasonable alternative that works for me so I can live life to it's fullest! Is there any medication, that you have used works as well the inhalers do without side effects it causes? Is it any good to have a prescription for this type of medication? "I have tried most of the prescription drug companies out there and no matter what, the asthma is NOT affected at all by the medicine. pills do go down at the rate I am breathing in, however my asthma doesn't even show any significant improvement at best. I have also noticed that the coughs and fits have gotten more intense and that I am at such a high dose of medication that taking it around-time does not help, but also leads to more problems. Am I doing anything different wrong that this medication is giving me or it just not working as good? Is it any good to have a prescription for this type of medication? " "I have had to buy every brand of asthma medication there is. I found out recently that there are many people like me who have been using the same medications for years without any issues, no problems. We are getting sicker as get older, so the idea of being locked into the same kind of medication as we did when were younger is an issue. I am 46 and have lived as an active adult all this time. Is a sign of growing old and not getting better? " Can I get a discount for switching my insurance company? My last employer didn't offer health insurance, I am now in my third year working for the same health insurance company working part time as a customer service rep. I like to work late nights so I would like to switch my insurance company an online provider, but I was wondering if there is any sort of discount or benefit to switching my insurance company"

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